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Our company is a registered trademark that produces prestigious modern furnishings. Our factory is located in (Borg El-Arab – Alexandria) on an area of 20,000 m2, utilizing the latest technology in the field. It is proud of having skilled and motivated team members who are highly committed to producing quality products and implementing positive change. 
Our furniture is produced using the most updated computerized machines which are characterized by the precise working of precious materials & woods to fully satisfy the demands of the local and international markets.

Our Skills

98 %

Interior Design

99 %

Customer Satisfaction

97 %

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75 %

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Meet the team

Mr. Hisham El-Sheikh

Mr. Hisham El-Sheikh

CEO & Founder


Mr. Sherif El-Sheikh

Mr. Sherif El-Sheikh

The President


Bella Casa Corporate Strategy

Over the past years,“Bella Casa” has carefully positioned itself to be a high-quality, nichefurnishings manufacturer and marketer through:

* Providing our customers with a positive experience wheninteracting with Bella Casa.

* Continually improving in all that we do, especially as it affectsquality and safety.

* Utilizing new product development, especially as it relates tonon-commodity, niche products, to drive new sales opportunities and growth.

* Pursuing new markets.

Meet customer expectations

* Be an innovative market leader in its chosen market

* Be an ethical and community-minded corporate citizen

* Provide customers with superior value through the delivery of high-quality products and services.”

For the foreseeable future should we do all that we say we will do it our vision that “Bella Casa will continue to be a provider of innovative, quality products and services that represent preferred solutions to customer needs?  This innovative environment will be driven by cooperative partnerships with our customers.”

Bella Casa will strive to provide products and services that meet or exceed all customer expectations. Our success is driven by a corporate-wide commitment to continually improve in all that we do. Our quality objectives are to reduce man error in manufacturing, reduce rework and achieve on-time delivery.


We are proud that we obtained the certificate of ISO 9001 – 9002 as our products have the client’s satisfaction in terms of quality, finishing and competitive prices.